Sustainable Land Utilization Modeling Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Sustainable Land Utilization Modeling Using GIS and Remote Sensing

kerala-location-map-Land Utilization ModelingAccording to recent news published by The Hindu, The Kerala State Land Use Board (KSLUB) is gearing up to prepare a comprehensive data bank of resources coming under the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation for their effective utilization.

The project, christened Sustainable Land Utilization Model, aimed at resource mapping of the 100 wards of the Corporation. The program, which has been recommended by the State Planning Board, has been included in the annual plan of the KSLUB this fiscal.

According to Land Use Commissioner A. Nizamudeen, the main objectives of the project included identifying the resources in the region and understanding the availability and distribution of various crops in each ward. This would enable proper utilization of each part of the entire area, including fallow lands. Such an endeavor would enable the local body to take stock of the available agricultural resources and explore the possibility of extending farming to unused areas, paving way for self-sufficiency in crop production.

The topographical survey and aerial mapping of the region will enable the Corporation to identity waterlogged areas and reclaimed wetlands. The satellite images and utilization of the Geographical Information System (GIS) will enable the preparation of a digital data bank. The reference material is bound to benefit civic planners, development agencies, and researchers

The project will also aid in utilizing the drainage network in the city to its maximum potential by understanding the available resources. It will also help in taking stock of the existing public wells and bore-wells and arriving at steps to revive those remaining defunct.

The study will also assist in demarcating the boundaries of each ward and thereby enable urban planning in a scientific manner.

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