Indian Satellite Navigation Policy (SATNAV Policy) – 2021 to Achieve Self-Reliance in Satellite-Based Navigation and Augmentation Services

Indian Satellite Navigation Policy (SATNAV Policy) – 2021 to Achieve Self-Reliance in Satellite-Based Navigation and Augmentation Services

Department of Space being the administrative Ministry/Department in respect of space activities in India has released a draft of “Indian Satellite Navigation Policy (SATNAV Policy) -2021.” The policy has been formulated towards effective development, operation, and maintenance of satellite-based navigation systems.

The policy statement says “Achieve self-reliance in satellite-based navigation and augmentation services with an emphasis on assuring availability & quality, enhancing usage, working towards progressive evolution of the services and promoting research & development.”

The policy statement read Department of Space shall work towards expanding the coverage from regional to global to ensure availability of NavIC standalone signal in any part of the world without relying on other GNSS and aid in wide utilization of Indian navigation system across the globe. The Department of Space shall put continuous efforts towards ensuring the Indian navigation and augmentation signals are interoperable with other free-to-air navigation.

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Accordingly, Indian Satellite Navigation Policy – 2021 and its objectives are issued that shall come into effect, upon approval of the Cabinet. The following are the objectives towards achieving the policy goal.

  1. Ensure guaranteed and continuous availability of free-to-air navigation signals for civilian uses and secured navigation signals for strategic uses in the defined coverage area.
  2. Ensure guaranteed and continuous availability of Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for aviation safety in the defined coverage area.
  3. Ensure judicious dissemination of Signal-In-Space (SIS) interface definition and system performance reports for the intended use.
  4. Work towards progressive evolution of navigation signals and expansion of coverage for enhanced use.
  5. Focus on technology development for enhancing navigation satellite systems.
  6. Work towards compatibility and interoperability of Indian satellite navigation and augmentation signals with other GNSS/SBAS signals.
  7. Promote Indian Industry and academia to carry out research and development activities in the field of satellite navigation-based applications with emphasis on societal benefits.
  8. Work towards facilitating global usage of Indian satellite navigation and augmentation systems.

The draft of the SATNAV Policy – 2021 is hosted on the ISRO website for public consultation.

Comments on the draft policy, if any, shall be forwarded to this Department to the email id:- at the earliest, but no later than 29.08.2021.

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