Vienna University of Technology Releases OPALS v 2.1.5 – A Airborne Laser Data Processing Software

Vienna University of Technology Releases OPALS v 2.1.5 – A Airborne Laser Data Processing Software

The Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation, Vienna University of Technology announces the release of OPALS version 2.1.5.

OPALSOPALS stands for Orientation and Processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data. It is a modular program system consisting of small components (modules) grouped together thematically in terms of packages. For instance, the derivation of a hypsometric map of a single ALS flight strip is achieved using three different modules: import of strip point data, DTM grid interpolation and derivation of the colour coded raster map, facilitating the re-usability of the respective components in different application environments.

The aim of OPALS is to provide a complete processing chain for processing airborne laser scanning data (waveform decomposition, georeferencing, quality control, structure line extraction, point cloud classification, DTM generation and several fields of application like forestry, hydrology/hydraulic engineering, city modelling and power lines).

The OPALS program system is mainly designed for automatic processing. Thus, a sophisticated graphical user interface and interactive editing steps are omitted deliberately.

Main Features of  OPALS version 2.1.5:

  • New module: ICP: The aim of opalsICP is to perform the orientation (co-registration) of multiple point cloud datasets using the Iterative Closest Point algorithm.
  • New module: Rasterize: Aim of this module is to create a raster file out of an ODM file.
  • Wild card support: Modules capable of dealing with multiple input datasets (i.e. Vector<Path>) now support wild cards (*,?). The following modules support wild card input: Module Import , Module Export , Module Algebra, Module AddInfo, Module Histo and Module ICP
  • New OPALS Common Parameter lineBufferedScreenLog. If true, then the screen log stream (stdout) is flushed each time a log message has been emitted. This is useful for watching progress when stdout has been redirected to a file.
  • Module Grid and Module Cell: Output of multiple features in a single multi-band raster file enabled (parameter multiband)
  • Module Info: The module now also reports statistics about grid/raster data sets.
  • Bug fixes + improvements

Download OPALS version 2.1.5

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