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Remote Sensing

ESA Plans to Launch New Satellite to Measure Plant Health

ESA plans to track the health of the world’s vegetation by detecting and measuring the faint glow that plants give off as they convert sunlight and the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide


Register Now! Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI

Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI 03 December 2015 | 9:00am MST (GMT-07:00) There is a multitude of applications for WorldView-3 because of its ability to collect data from


Keep Up-to-Date with ArcGIS API 4.0 for JavaScript

ArcGIS API 4.0 for JavaScript — for building interactive, compelling web applications — is available in beta. We’re leveraging advances in browser technology and the power of the ArcGIS platform


SAR Processing with Geomatica Training Course

Master Geomatica from the comfort of your own desk! 2015 Training Sessions on now! Course: SAR Processing in Geomatica Throughout the year our top instructors deliver expert training in a convenient


Collect Points – Get The Patch

The USGS National Map Corps will award special edition patches for volunteers contributing 2,016 points between GIS Day 2015 and GIS Day 2016 Using crowdsourcing techniques, the USGS project known


Pacific Island Meet to Emphasis on Capacity Building of Geospatial Services

Nov 17, 2015 – In the second annual meeting of Pacific Island lands, survey, and geospatial experts, agreed to draft a regional strategy for building the capacity of geospatial services


SPAR 3D Expo & Conference: Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Abstract Submission Form Deadline: December 6, 2015 SPAR International is renamed SPAR 3D Expo & Conference to enhance appeal for asset owners seeking fundamentals about 3D technologies


Gain Fine Grain Control to Your Data

When building up a web map platform, it is crucial for developers to be able to control all the GIS layers. With the latest release of SuperGIS Server JavaScript APIs,


Ordnance Survey and Hexagon Geospatial Partner to Develop Information Services

Combining the Hexagon Smart M.App® with Ordnance Survey’s expertise, content and services will support key initiatives in Britain and abroad Ordnance Survey and Hexagon Geospatial are pleased to announce a new partnership,


Official release of CARIS Onboard 1.0: A Real-time Data Processing and Mapping Application

CARIS is pleased to announce its release of the highly anticipated, near real-time data processing and mapping application, CARIS Onboard™. The development of this new technology will revolutionize the way