Boundless Launches Massively Scalable Geospatial Server for the Enterprise

Boundless Launches Massively Scalable Geospatial Server for the Enterprise

Boundless Server Enterprise Serves Location Data In The Cloud; Offers Most Powerful Solution for Availability and Responsiveness

St. Louis, MO – Jan. 30, 2018 – Boundless, the leader in open GIS, today introduced Boundless Server Enterprise™, the first cloud-native geospatial web server designed to take advantage of the cloud’s ability to quickly and easily scale up and out.

Today, more location data is being generated and consumed than ever before, creating increased demand for scalable offerings that deliver application availability and responsiveness. This problem is solved using an entirely new class of GIS server solutions that take full advantage of the cloud. With Boundless Server Enterprise, enterprises now have a high performing, cost effective, and massively scalable way to serve maps to their applications running in the cloud.

“With the release of Boundless Server Enterprise, Boundless makes yet another leap forward in providing robust map servers using today’s cloud technology. This product solves the biggest GIS data problems on a massive scale and no other product like it exists,” said Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless. “I am proud of the innovation and expertise displayed by our engineers and could not be more excited that Boundless continues to be a major contributor and force in the geospatial community. As more and more enterprises continue to add maps to their apps, Boundless will be there to support them.”

Introducing Boundless Server Enterprise: The First Cloud-Native GIS Server

Boundless Server Enterprise offers massive scalability, high performance, and demand-based provisioning capable of handling millions of requests. Enterprise customers are now able to take advantage of the cloud’s elastic ability to add and adjust storage and compute capacity in real-time to accommodate: increased usage; unpredictable usage; spikes in usage; redundancy; and failover using dynamically clustered compute power for optimal responsiveness. Built with a flexible architecture that allows organizations to easily manage location data, Boundless Server Enterprise is the top choice for today’s leading organizations. Key advantages include:

  • Cloud-native deployment built on the proven open-source GeoServer project. Boundless Server Enterprise takes full advantage of cloud architecture and continues to demonstrate innovation and commitment by Boundless in the open geospatial community.
  • Increased performance and availability through elastic scalability. Finally, a geospatial server that can support millions of layers at explosive speed.
  • Lowers cost by utilizing only the cloud resources needed at any given time and avoiding software license models which are based on number of servers or users.
  • Ease of use with self-contained installation, simple configuration and operation, and performance monitoring.

“It is more critical than ever for organizations to have infrastructure that can scale elastically to meet increases in load and demand,” said Anthony Calamito, Chief Geospatial Officer at Boundless. “Boundless Server Enterprise is the first of its kind and represents a next-generation solution that scales for maximum responsiveness today while remaining elastic to handle increases in the future. The result is limitless scalability with better uptime, minimized risk and lower total costs. With this new offering, Boundless is continuing to revolutionize the GIS world.”

Boundless offers a complete open GIS solution through a unique combination of technology, products and expertise, giving enterprises deeper intelligence and insights into their location-based data. The Boundless platform is built upon open source technology and open APIs that generate actionable location intelligence across third-party apps, content services and plugins for enterprise applications.


Boundless Server Enterprise is available now. For more information and details on pricing, email

About Boundless

Boundless is the leader in open, scalable enterprise-grade GIS software. Boundless empowers state and local governments, federal agencies and commercial enterprises to control the development of their GIS ecosystems and unlock the value of their location-based data to make better decisions, answer location intelligence questions and more fully understand their world. The experts at Boundless reduce the cost and time of deploying, managing and enriching the use of geospatial software with a scalable, open GIS platform – including Exchange™, Server™, Desktop™, and Connect™. Learn more at Follow Boundless @boundlessgeo.

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