FOSS4G NA 2016: Open Source Photogrammetry with OpenDroneMap

FOSS4G NA 2016: Open Source Photogrammetry with OpenDroneMap

OpenDroneMap (ODM) aims to be a full photogrammetric solution for small Unmanned Aircraft (drones), balloons, and kites. ODM acts as a tool for processing highly overlapping unreferenced imagery, turning the unstructured data (simple photos) + GPS into structured data including colorized point clouds, digital surface models, textured digital surface models, and orthophotography.

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In a word, OpenDroneMap is a toolchain for processing raw civilian UAS imagery to other useful products. What kind of products?

  1. Point Clouds
  2. Digital Surface Models
  3. Textured Digital Surface Models
  4. Orthorectified Imagery
  5. Classified Point Clouds
  6. Digital Elevation Models
  7. etc.

So far, it does Point Clouds, Digital Surface Models, Textured Digital Surface Models, and Orthorectified Imagery.

The project can be found at This session will act as an introduction to OpenDroneMap, give an overview of what the current status of the project is, detail what the anticipated next steps are in the project, and how you can participate as a user and/or developer.

For ODM, 2016 will see smoothed texturing, denser, more accurate point clouds, and other key components to the maturation of the project.

Speaker(s): Stephen Mather

Session Type: Standard [35 minutes]

Experience level: Intermediate

Track: Developing FOSS4G

Source: FOSS4G NA 2016

Categories: GIS

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    Mohamed toumi 10 February, 2016, 21:56

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