GeoMesa 1.2: Now with Eclipse LocationTech Vetting!

GeoMesa 1.2: Now with Eclipse LocationTech Vetting!

Release 1.2 of GeoMesa, our open source suite of geospatial analytics tools designed to run with Hadoop-scale volumes of data, is now out. Along with several new features, this is the first release after a thorough review by the Eclipse Foundation’s LocationTech Working Group. CCRi worked closely with LocationTech to ensure that GeoMesa’s source code and all of its dependencies conform to business-friendly software licenses and were compatible with GeoMesa’s Apache v2 License. Such thorough review of the intellectual property gives businesses using the software assurance that they can confidently use it and build solutions based on GeoMesa.

In the blog posts Big Spatial Data – Your day has come and Get to the Point with Big Spatial Data last summer, Jamie Conklin discussed the value and challenges of Big Spatial Data and how GeoMesa’s support for geospatial operation using Hadoop column store databases let you work with petabytes of spatial data, drive applications using Open Geospatial Consortium web service standards, perform analytics with Spark, and more.

GeoMesa Application

In addition to the LocationTech review, the new release offers several other new features:

  • Robust support for geospatial persistence and querying in Accumulo
  • Streaming geospatial filtering using Apache Kafka and other open-source streaming systems
  • Prototype support for HBase and Google Bigtable
  • Prototype Cassandra support
  • Geospatial BLOB store to index binary artifacts such as georeferenced photographs
  • A flexible and extensible library for rapidly integrating with many data formats in GeoMesa

You can learn more about GeoMesa on its web site, and CCRi is happy to help you plan for ways that GeoMesa can help you take advantage of Big Spatial Data.

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