GIS-enabled Complete List of Indian Fauna Soon: Zoological Survey of India

GIS-enabled Complete List of Indian Fauna Soon: Zoological Survey of India

zoological survey of india logoA simple click of a button will soon tell you which animals live where in India, courtesy a GIS-enabled web-based platform where information on over 96,000 species will be provided by the Zoological Survey of India, an official said here on Monday.

“We are designing a complete list… A to Z of fauna. Entire information on a particular species will be put up on a page dedicated to it. It will be called a ‘species page’. Information on as many as 96,891 species identified in will be put on the platform.

“The data will be uploaded on the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Bhuvan platform (Indian version of Google) where one can see the species distribution through GIS (geographic information system) technology,” ZSI director-in-charge Kailash Chandra told the media.

He said an exclusive hub would be set up for the initiative and scientists would be able to provide data to the centre through mobile applications.

“Around 30 to 40 percent of the work has been completed and in a year we should be ready,” he said.

The ZSI is also focusing on activities in Arunachal Pradesh and India’s biodiversity hotspots, he said.


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