GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 1 | March 2018): The Latitude & The Longitude

GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 1 | March 2018): The Latitude & The Longitude

GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 1 | March 2018): The Latitude & The Longitude

The Magic of Latitude & Longitude to Uncover Hidden Intelligence

March 16, 2018 – GIS Resources, a leading global platform for latest and high-quality information source of the geospatial updates, is pleased to announce the release of its first edition (March 2018) of the print magazine (quarterly edition). The 1st edition titled as The Latitude & The Longitude” focus on the application of various geospatial and IoT technologies to uncover the hidden and actionable intelligence associated with a location.


                 GIS Resources Magazine – Issue 1 | March 2018

This quarterly issue attempts to give a balanced information on the latest geospatial trends, technologies, industrial solutions, and services in the domain of Location Intelligence and Location Based Services. It is hoped that readers will use the information to get a better understanding of the issues involved.

The edition features articles from the leading players in the industry (KnowageSiteZeusGeoblinkPitney BowesDEIMOS IMAGING and Caliper Corporation)  addressing geospatial solutions and services to harness the power of location.

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