GPS Head-Up Display to Drive Safely & Comfortably

GPS Head-Up Display to Drive Safely & Comfortably


Sygic has been developing first-class navigation software since its establishment in 2004. In addition to the popular navigation application for iPhone and Android and location sharing family application Family, Sygic also provides professional navigation solutions for business.

Sygic has announced a new product to make driving safer. Sygic’s Heads-up Display (HUD) product projects navigation information onto windshields of the driver’s car, so they never have to take their eyes off the road to look down at their navigation software.

Sygic Head-up display is available as an add-on feature in Sygic GPS Navigation app. Head-up display works without any additional accessories so driver can enjoy a safe & comfortable drive at night.

Sygic’s HUD is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99 and doesn’t need an expensive add-on product, as the projection can be emitted right from the Sygic GPS Navigation app on any iOS and Android phone or tablet.

Head up display

Image Source: Sygic

Head-up display shows information about speed limit, estimated time of arrival (ETA), turn arrows, speed cameras, distance to the next turn and current speed.

Using Sygic’s HUD interface is straightforward. Driver need to plan its route and tap on the navigation bar and then tap on “HUD” to launch Head-up display. Flip the Head-up display and place the device under the windshield and its all set to hit the road.

Today Sygic navigates in 115 countries around the world, competing with leading companies on the navigation market. With more than 30 million unique users, Sygic GPS Navigation is the most popular offline navigation app for OS Android and iOS and one of Top 20 applications in more than 40 countries.

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