Free GIS Data -Hydrology Data

Free GIS Data -Hydrology Data

Free GIS Data -Hydrology Data

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Hydrology Data

  • HydroSHEDS: Hydrological data and maps based on the STRM elevation data. Includes river networks, watershed boundaries, drainage directions and flow accumulations for the globe.
  • Catchment Characterisation and Modelling: Data on river basins, catchments and rivers for the European Union area.
  • Major Watersheds of the World Deliniation: Vector data showing the outlines of major watersheds (river basins) across the world.
  • Water Isotopes: Global grids of hydrogen and oxygen isotope composition of precipitation and environmental waters in ArcGRID format. Data can be downloaded for whole globe or individual continents.
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  1. Sneha
    Sneha 29 June, 2023, 01:55

    Could you please provide me with data to work on Kerala flood 2018? Thank you

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  2. Mark
    Mark 11 February, 2024, 17:52

    I just want to understand the hydrology of Central Kenya and I will really appreciate the support

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