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Brain of Smart City: A GIS Platform for Sharing 2D and 3D Maps

Smart City, defined as utilizing digital technologies to trim costs and resource consumption to engage its citizens more effectively in various domains like transport, health care, energy, water, and so


Statistics Map APIs Service Platform

Displaying statistical data on map extends GIS applications to more domains, as it is much easier and more informative for researchers to comprehend meanings of the data through its intuitive

Business Software

Superior 3D Map Viewing with SuperGIS 3D Earth Server Front-end Applications

To provide users a superior 3D map experience, Supergeo releases whole new front-end applications, the desktop client application, SuperGIS 3D Earth, and the browser plug-in, SuperGIS 3D Earth Plug-in, for


TERI Develops Web GIS Tool Trap Rooftop Solar Power

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has developed the first-ever open-source Web-GIS Tool for estimating rooftop solar power potential for Indian solar cities. The tool aims to develop a high


MRPC Launches Web GIS System for Mustard Crop

  Mustard Research and Promotion Consortium (MRPC) Launches Web GIS System for Mustard Crop MRPC is a non-govemental, non-profit R&D organization registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act


Kerala is the First State to Embark Land Resources Information System (LRIS) – India

  India – Kerala is the First State to Embark Web Based Land Resources Information System (LRIS) The Land Resources Information System (LRIS) is an effort to streamline rural growth and