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Self-Sweeping LiDAR Could Dramatically Shrink 3D Mapping Systems

A team of UC Berkeley engineers led by Connie Chang-Hasnain, a professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences, used a novel concept to automate the way a light source changes


India to Launch Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Indonesian Satellite

Kuala Lumpur: India will launch a second multi-spectral remote sensing Indonesian satellite that will help the country to monitor land-use, natural resource and in disaster mitigation. The indigenously-made LAPAN A2/Orari


New NGA Global Map Advances R&D in Geophysics and Nonproliferation

The map uses open-source geophysical data sets and publicly available international antineutrino detection observational data to depict varying levels of radioactivity on Earth. A team of researchers led by scientists


New Elevation for Nation’s Highest Peak plus 1 more

A new, official height for Denali has been measured at 20,310 feet, just 10 feet less than the previous elevation of 20,320 feet which was established using 1950’s era technology.


Web Mapper, Mapping Straight

Today, when spatial data is highly utilized and conveys essential day-to-day information to the public, it is very important that people can access spatial information anytime and anywhere. Smart phonesoffer


Why Greenwich Meridian Have Longitudinal Shift?

In 1884, the International Meridian Conference recommended that the prime meridian “to be employed as a common zero of longitude and standard of time-reckoning throughout the globe” pass through the


SimActive Announces Correlator3D Version 6.2

SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, is pleased to announce Correlator3D™ version 6.2, featuring a new module for tie point editing during aerial triangulation. Users can visually inspect


GIS Route to Shore up Tax Revenue

The Corporation of Chennai has passed a resolution to use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in property assessment and tax collection. At present, property values are calculated based on data collected


Access to Marine Data Stream from EUMETSAT User Information Day

The Copernicus team would like to remind interested stakeholders that there are only a few days left to register for the “Copernicus Users Information Day on Access to Marine Data


Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program (NPO) is designed to provide qualified nonprofit organizations with an affordable way to acquire Esri software. Qualified nonprofit organizations include noncommercial entities working on humanitarian,