RIEGL USA Invites You to Join Terrestrial LiDAR Webinar

RIEGL USA Invites You to Join Terrestrial LiDAR Webinar

RIEGL USA Invites You to Our Terrestrial LiDAR Webinar

19 November 2015, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, Eastern Time
In the fields of surveying, engineering, and construction, terrestrial LiDAR has become a valuable tool in the field and in the office for businesses. Join the RIEGL USA terrestrial team to learn about how RIEGL’s terrestrial LiDAR can help your business reduce costs and time while increasing revenue and productivity.
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Please join us for this terrestrial LiDAR webinar, followed by a question and answer segment. Topics will include:

  • VZ series technology
  • RIEGL LiDAR solutions
  • Terrestrial applications
  • Reduction of field time via real-time registration
  • Benefits of using RIEGL terrestrial LiDAR
  • Data exportation
  • How RIEGL terrestrial LiDAR can benefit you

Special end-of-the-year pricing for RIEGL VZ-400 terrestrial scanners will be announced for United States and Canadian attendees only. Be sure to register today to learn more!

Please note: This webinar will only be open to residents of the United States and Canada.

Why is this going to benefit you 
  • Reduced field time
  • Reduced need for return trips due to missed data
  • Reduced reduction time
  • Reduced need for 5 man crews
  • Increased safety of employees

Register Now: RIEGL Terrestrial LiDAR Webinar

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