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Enhanced Canopy Fuel Mapping by Integrating LiDAR Data

Background The Wildfire Sciences Team at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Earth Resources Observation and Science Center produces vegetation type, vegetation structure, and fuel products for the United States, primarily through


San Diego County Launch Web Based Wildfire Hazard Map Tool

Fire is a constant threat in San Diego County, and drought, high temperatures in the summer and fall, combined with seasonal Santa Ana winds can led to explosive fire growth.


ARSET Training Announcement: Remote Sensing for Wildfire Applications

Remote Sensing for Wildfire Applications (in-person workshop) October 6-8, 2015 Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho, USA Workshop Overview: The ARSET team is gearing up for an in-person training titled “Remote

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Why SWIR Band in Remote Sensing?

Each object has its own spectral signature, which is also the basic principle of remote sensing. Today we have satellites with various sensors collecting data in Visible light, Near Infrared (NIR),


Oklahoma Forestry Services Using Wildfire App to Save Lives

Oklahoma Forestry Services is using wildfire app “Collector” in firefighting. Collector is a cutting-edge app to fight fire and save lives. Oklahoma is the first state in the United States of

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It’s Time to Give Firefighters a 21st century Tool: A Fire-Spotting Satellite

  Scientists from UC Berkeley Develop Framework For Fire-Spotting Satellite UC Berkeley researchers have developed an initial framework for a satellite that could one day help locate emerging fires and