Tanzanian City Deploys GIS to Raise Revenue Collection

Tanzanian City Deploys GIS to Raise Revenue Collection

City of dar es salaamAccording to recent news by the All Africa, Dar es Salaam Municipal Council, Tanzania is expecting to collect 60bn/- per year up from 6.0bn/- after improvement on the geographic information system (GIS).

The Director of the city, Sipora Liana said,”It existed since ancient times but now we want to start to use the system with the aim of collecting revenue, enhancing transparency and recognizing the payment of taxes on time, for the improvement of revenue collection in the city”. She pointed out that the improvement and the uses of the system was an appropriate way to increase revenue collection.

The Dar es Salaam GIS expert Ms Grace Kyaruzi said that the use of GIS system in the city would help to improve revenue collection, transparency in the collection of revenue, controlling leakages of the revenue and to simplify the collection of revenue in the city.

She said the GIS system would enable everyone to see and to get information on revenue collection compared to the past system, which used to electronic receipts after payment.

She added that the GIS system is able to show where the sources of income locate by using maps of the area, showing the value of these sources and display information of the taxes payment.

“This system would help the city Director, Mayor and other stakeholders will be able to enter and see which area paid taxes and how many people and how much is available,” she said All these aim to make it easier for city council to reach its debtors to save time for data collection as well as make good decisions and to supplement income.

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