Web Application Optimized For Collaboration & Visualization of ESRI Map & Feature Services, KML & OGC

Web Application Optimized For Collaboration & Visualization of ESRI Map & Feature Services, KML & OGC

TouchSharePASADENA, Calif., August 19, 2014 – TouchShare, Inc., the leader in next-generation geospatial collaboration solutions, is proud to announce the release of TouchShare Web, TouchShare’s browser application that leverages GIS investments in Esri Mapping and Feature Services, Network KML as well as other Open Geospatial Consortium data (e.g. Web Mapping Services).

TouchShare Web expands upon the functionality offered from previous TouchShare solutions. The latest version provides customers with one flexible platform designed to query, ingest, view, share, analyze, and manipulate multiple data files hosted on internal or external servers. Integrated with an evolving data fusion platform, a rich user interface and immersive collaboration framework, the new TouchShare solution focuses on tools and capabilities that improve the speed and quality of a decision.

Cloud-based Platform, Various GIS Resources

TouchShare adapts to the discussion, allowing users to ingest and analyze GIS data from internal, partner, or public resources. For example, emergency response personnel may quickly ingest and view live weather and wind speeds from NOAA, active fire perimeters from FireWhat and any additional internal data pertinent to achieving situational awareness. Nearly any open GIS data can be ingested, layered, and synchronously shared with remote decision makers or stakeholders through the TouchShare Server in the public or a private cloud.

As TouchShare CEO, Bob Pette describes, “TouchShare is working with organizations to improve real-time collaboration and information sharing across dynamic teams. Regardless of location or devices, we give users the ability to connect to the situation, gain a real-time view of the battlefield or response area, quickly pin point issues and then act.”

Anywhere, Any Device Collaboration

TouchShare’s patent-pending collaboration technology enables distributed users to initiate collaboration from any web browser. The benefit is that software installation is not required and connection is possible via mobile, desktop or large format devices. This allows participants to engage in a synchronized discussion by adding insight, contributing data, altering a shared view, and controlling the interaction in real-time, regardless of location or device.

Multi-dimensional Analysis of Dynamic Data Sets

TouchShare provides simplified access, manipulation and navigation of x-y-z-t datasets using analytical tools such as lensing and data layering controls. Lensing allows users to ingest content, such as base maps, OGC data, and live feeds within a defined window to draw attention or cue other users to a specific area or piece of data. Multiple lenses may be simultaneously active, in contrasting transparencies, allowing multiple data sources to be viewed in a single window or view. Likewise, layer visibility can be toggled on and off, or opacity adjusted, for immediate visual feedback on comparative distribution of data.

As an introduction to TouchShare’s new architecture and web browser application, a base subscription package is available. Included on a per year subscription basis are:

  • A cloud-hosted instance of TouchShare Server, the control service for collaboration and multiple session management
  • Five concurrent licenses to TouchShare Web (2D browser client) or TouchShare Win 8 (Windows 8 downloadable app), when available

To better serve our Customers, we would like to extend an invitation to experience TouchShare’s new architecture and web browser application. To facilitate the experience, TouchShare, Inc. will provide a 30 day trial to interested Customers. For customers that would like to move to the new architecture and web application, TouchShare will apply any remaining active TouchShare Google Earth or TouchShare GIS software maintenance towards the cost of a new, hosted TouchShare Web base subscription.

Should you have any questions on the information above, please contact our team at (626) 639-5460 or by e-mail at info@touchshare.com.

About TouchShare

TouchShare, Inc. designs, develops and integrates the industry’s leading geospatial collaboration solutions that enable teams to visualize, fuse, interact, manipulate, and share data from any device, anywhere, to bring clarity to complex situations. With customers in the Defense and Intelligence, Energy, Public Safety, Homeland Security, Telecommunications and Health and Human Services fields, the TouchShare family of products provide a rich environment for collaboration through intuitive interactivity, high definition 3D visualization, and data fusion. TouchShare is headquartered in Pasadena, California. Learn more at http://www.touchshare.com or info@touchshare.com.

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