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INTERGEO SMART CITY SOLUTIONS: SMART CITY SOLUTIONS – Laboratory Solutions for the City of the Future

Cities are the vibrant hubs at the heart of our society. They are the source of many pioneering developments. They are the laboratories of the future – a place for


Smart City Projects Should Talk About Solutions to Natural Calamities

According to recent news by the Moneycontrol, The Earth Sciences Ministry’s ex-secretary Shailesh Nayak, has said that at a time when earthquakes happen frequently and temperatures are reaching extremes, the government’s


New 3D Mapping Technology for Smart City Development

The two most commonly used 3D mapping techniques are photogrammetry using satellite or aerial imagery, and laser scanning. The former offers greater accuracy in the horizontal direction and the latter


What Transforms the Digital City into the Smart City?

Public participation makes the digital city truly smart Hamburg, Darmstadt 16 September 2016 | Involving the public is transforming the digital city into the smart city of the future. With

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INTERGEO 2016 – Key Topic: Smart City

Karlsruhe, 3 May 2016 | By taking “Smart City” as a key topic, INTERGEO 2016 is focussing on a multi-faceted issue that will shape the future. The preview of the


Ordnance Survey committed to European Smart City standards

Ordnance Survey is to create a Smart City standards-based technologies business framework for the European Union’s ESPRESSO project. ESPRESSO is being led by the Open Geospatial Consortium, and OS, working closely


Indonesian Gears Up Smart City Roadmap with Smart Mapping Technology

The City of Depok, located in the West Java Province, Indonesia, has cemented its commitment to achieve smart city status by 2025 by leveraging state-of-the-art mapping technology to boost government


Government of India: Smart City Plans throw up a range of vision statements

Most of the cities aspire  to be clean and green; others to leverage heritage and other unique features Stimulating economic development and inclusivity common aim Aligarh to promote communal harmony;


UN Expert Committee Outline the Future Trends in Digital Mapping

A new report setting out the five to ten-year vision of the rapidly growing geospatial information industry has been published by the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial


15 Smart City Proposals from 7 States Received By UD Ministry; Rajasthan First to Do So

Investment of Rs.6,457 cr proposed in 4 smart cities in Rajasthan over 5 years; greenfield city near Kota 1.81 crore citizens participated in preparation of smart city proposals; 25 lakhs