World’s Largest Satellite Fleet Owner Joins The Geological Remote Sensing Group

World’s Largest Satellite Fleet Owner Joins The Geological Remote Sensing Group

Planet_logo_NewThe Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) has expanded its membership once again with the recent news that Planet; the owners and operators of the world’s largest commercially-operated fleet of satellites has joined as the Group’s latest corporate member.

Founded in 2010 by a team of ex-NASA scientists, Planet has designed, built and launched fleets of small ‘Dove’ sats to make images of the earth from space affordable and widely available in pursuit of their Mission 1 to image the entire Earth every day.

With an agile approach to satellite development and Planet’s acquisition of BlackBridge’s fleet of five RapidEye satellites and recently, TerraBella’s seven high-resolution satellites, the company has grown their presence in geospatial industry incredibly quickly.

On 14th February of this year, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) delivered a record 104 satellites into orbit from a single launch. Eighty-eight of those sensors belong to Planet and this constellation of ‘Doves’ is now able to cover the Earth’s landmass daily.

GRSG Chairman, Charlotte Bishop commented on the latest company to join the GRSG; “Planet’s data and access model starts to challenge the way we in the industry think about and use satellite data in a way not done before, it’s exciting to see such developments and, importantly for GRSG, be able to welcome another satellite operator to our ever-growing membership”

In response Blanca Payas, Planet Sales Director for Europe, Russia and Central Asia explained why Planet has decided to join the GRSG; “In a very short time, Planet has become a global company with offices in Europe and the US. More and more, we are finding that our capabilities are supporting projects in the domain of geology. It is an honor and a pleasure to join the GRSG and we hope to develop new initiatives and activities together.”

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