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Why Countries are in Rush to Mars Exploration?

Mars often known as the ‘Red Planet’ of our solar system has been in the human imagination for centuries. Mars is the 2nd smallest planet and the most shouted planet for scientific exploration.


ISRO Released Data of Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

On September 24, 2016, Chairman, ISRO and Secretary, Department of Space has released the first year of MOM Long-term archive data for the duration of Sept 24, 2014, to Sept 23, 2015,


Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for Future Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM-2)

The geomorphological features on Mars suggests an early warm and wet climate, and perhaps conducive to the emergence of primitive life. Mars is considered to be unique as it has

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Global Albedo Map of Mars

The albedo of any planetary surface is defined as the fraction of incident solar radiation reflected by the surface. The magnitude and spatial distribution of Martian surface albedo are important


Mars Orbiter Mission – One year of Success: Release of Mars Atlas

Mars Orbiter spacecraft marks one year of its life around the red planet on Sep. 24, 2014. It was launched on Nov. 05, 2013 by the Indian Space Research Organisation

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27 Indian Satellites Currently Operational: Govt

25 Feb. 2015 – As many as 27 satellites, including 11 which facilitate the communication network in the country, are currently operational and one more is to be launched next


Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar Takes Over as Space Secretary

Distinguished space scientist Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar took over as secretary of the department of space and chairman of the Space Commission and the state-run ISRO here. Prior to his appointment to

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India and US Set Up Joint Working Group for Mars Studies

In recent news by PTI, India and the US have set up an ISRO-NASA joint working group to explore the possibility of enhancing cooperation for the study of Mars. Jitendra Singh,

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India’s First Mars Orbiter Mission Begun its Journey Successfully

  India’s First Mars Orbiter Mission Heads its Journey Successfully to Mars for an about 400 million km. India’s first Mars orbiter Tuesday successfully began an around 780 million km long

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The Mangalyaan Set to Blast-off on Nov, 05

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) Set to Start its Journey to Mars on 05 Nov 2013  ISRO,Chennai: India’s ambitious Rs 450-crore space mission to Mars has now been fixed for blast-off