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Some Coastal Communities May Not Have Time for Tsunami Evacuation

Tens of thousands of people along the U.S. Pacific Northwest coastline may not have enough time to evacuate low-lying areas before tsunami waves arrive, according to a new publication by


Vector based Spatial Analysis using TdhGIS

TdhGIS is an open source spatial analysis tool data based on vector geometric data. TdhGIS has an open database structure and the ability to import and export common file formats, including


NRSC Offering Special Course on Microwave Remote Sensing Applications

National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) was established as a registered society on 2nd September 1974 by Department of Science & Technology, based on a Union Cabinet approval dated December 13,

Remote Sensing

Applications of Low Altitude Remote Sensing in Agriculture

In a study by Chunhua Zhang et. al., on “Applications of Low Altitude Remote Sensing in Agriculture upon Farmers’ Requests– A Case Study in Northeastern Ontario, Canada” reveals the importance


European Council on Foreign Relations has Conducted Mapping of Libya’s Regional and Armed Fractions

Protests in Libya began on 15 February, 2011 in front of Benghazi’s police headquarters following the arrest of a human rights attorney who represented the “relatives of more than 1,000

Business Software

PR: LAStools Toolbox for ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 Released

The latest release of LAStools from rapidlasso GmbH contains a new toolbox for ERDAS IMAGINE 2014, allowing the users of Hexagon Geospatial’s powerful remote sensing software to utilize the popular rapidlasso LiDAR processing modules. The tools


TerraGo Publisher Version 6.7 Delivers Free GIS-Lite Applications from ArcMap

TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS is an extension to Esri ArcGIS that allows you to produce and exploit GeoPDF documents with ArcMap. You can define global defaults to be used when

Geo Events

FOSS4G Europe Conference – First Keynotes Speakers Announcements!

The second edition of the FOSS4G Europe Conference will be held at Politecnico di Milano in Como, Italy, from July 15th to 17th, 2015. A day of workshops will precede


PR: Hexagon Imagery Programme Releases New Airborne Imagery Content

Imagery for a full 11 states plus portions of six other states in the U.S. have been provided in the HxIP as part of its airborne imagery offerings from the


Explore and Download Berlin 3D City Model

The 3D city model of Berlin the German capital is open to the public as Open Data. The Berlin 3D city model data plays a leading role throughout Europe in the